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John Stokes Ltd is a family business that now spans three generations.
Founded by Oliver John Stokes way back in 1973, then expanded by his son Dene Stokes and now run by Thomas Stokes, the founder’s grandson. John Stokes Ltd is a true family business with a proven past and a strong future.
Our company has prospered through good times and hard times, by always producing Hard Chrome products to the highest of standards whilst achieving rapid turnarounds and offering competitive prices to its customers.
This has led to John Stokes Chrome Ltd becoming the UK's foremost hard plating specialist. Because of this and our constant modernisation and ever improving facilities we now serve a growing portfolio of clients from all around the world.
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(Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals)
John Stokes Ltd has forged strong business relationships with McDermid and Enthone Industrial Solutions, two of the worlds largest chemical suppliers. Their expert guidance, along with our investment, is ensuring we are compliant with industry regulations and meet the latest proposed stringent regulations outlined by the EU which come into force within the next 12 months.
To see more info about the chemical technology we employ and the results of our efforts click the link on the right >
In the light of the result of the referendum for Britain pulling out of the European Union and other political events that have thrown the markets, industry and the country in general under a cloud of uncertainty.

Our company has been reflecting on our position on where we now stand in regards to EU regulations such as REACH.
£1M Site Renovation Now Complete!
We have recently completed a total site-wide renovation project. The million pound investment meant that we were able to make major improvements to our long standing location. This included :
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Brand new roof, ventilation & extraction
The entire site has been re-roofed and overclad complete with new and improved ventilation and extraction to vastly increase the light quality and improve air circulation.

We have recently designed and built two new custom wet dust extraction units and installed new mist extraction units.
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Equipment overhaul & restoration
Our extensive improvement program has meant we have now rebuilt and refurbished or replaced all of our
existing rectifiers (RGB, Drake, and Westinghouse), 14 centreless Cincinatti grinding machines and 10 centreless polishing machines (Canning and Carborundum).

This also means we now have two surplus machines in stock that allow us to bridge breakdown shortfalls thus eliminating production downtime.
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World class from start to finish
We have developed and installed a cell for enhanced production and more stringent quality checking of our most technically challenging MoD, Aerospace and Locomotive components.

Ongoing investment in our in-house laboratory now allows us to routinely perform precise salt spray and chrome analysis.
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Health & safety improvements through cutting edge technology
We have now converted all our plating tanks to utilise Anker Dyne 30 surfactant, a foam free and pfos free mist suppressant chemical which actively changes the density of chrome plating solutions. The effect of this is to reduce the size and diameter of the bubbles created during the electroplating process. Additionally beneficial is the reduction of energy levels of the bubbles such that the negligible emissions occur at the surface of the plating tank, bubbles simply disperse at the surface.

At John Stokes Ltd we are committed to creating the safest production environment we can through the adoption of low impact and low exposure technologies.
Get in touch…
John Stokes (Hard Chrome Plating) Ltd

60 High Street,
Princes End,
West Midlands.
United Kingdom.

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Telephone : +44 (0)121 520 6301

Fax : +44 (0)121 557 7191

Email :
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