New Universal Grinders!

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We are pleased to announce 2 brand new universal grinding machines have been added to our process line.

These two awesome bits have kit have now been installed on site and our processing materials for clients as we speak!:


Erfurt Universal Centerless Grinder

Max Diameter: 18 Inches / Max Length: 6 Foot

Churchill Erfurt Universal Centerless Grinder

Max Diameter: 36 Inches / Max Length: 4.5m


Centreless grinding is the process in which material is removed from components by means of abrasive cutting or grinding. It differs from centred grinding in that there is no spindle used to hold in place the material on which the work is being carried out. Instead, it is secured between a pair of rotary grinding wheels that rotate at pre-set speeds that determine the speed at which excess material is removed. Centreless grinding is generally much quicker than other grinding processes.